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Super Tuesday

When did leisure time get so stressful?

In the 19th century, it wasn’t uncommon to see a stroller or two out on the avenues of large cities using a turtle on a leash to set their pace. People took their leisure time seriously. They were not going to be budged or rushed on their way. They wanted to savor the experience of freedom that comes with leisure. They wanted to make the most of it.

Today, people take that same commitment to leisure time to a level that some experts consider unhealthy. Research shows that people feel “enormous pressure to maximize their downtime with the best choices: researching more, anticipating, and spending more money.”

That sounds an awful lot like work, doesn’t it? Sure enough, the same data shows that this pressure to perform when it comes to leisure might actually ruin it for us. One of the biggest obstacles to just carpeing your diem is a wealth of options. Trying to choose among them usually leads to a less desirable default: watching TV.

Super Tuesday at Hales Mills is here to help you make the most of longer spring days.

With the arrival of spring and summer close by at its heels, you’re about to five additional hours of daylight to do something with. Are you feeling the pressure? Are you wavering among all of your options? Hales Mills Country Club is here to make at least one day’s worth of leisure time easy to choose: Super Tuesday Specials.

On Tuesdays, you can choose 18 holes on well-groomed fairways and greens with expansive views that make a 325-inch monster TV screen feel meh. You can enjoy Chef Saunders eight ounce Clubhouse Burger on a fresh brioche roll with hand cut fries. Chef Saunders is committed to sourcing menu items from small, local companies, and the burger is no exception. It’s made from a custom burger grind prepared just for Hales Mills at a local butcher’s shop.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to maximize your leisure.

Cost is another factor when it comes to making the most of your downtime, and people invest a lot of valuable time into getting more rest and relaxation for their money. At $37 for 18 holes of golf, use of a club golfcart, and a delicious burger, Hales Mills Country Club gives you more bang for your buck, and a fun, affordable way to connect with family, friends, and colleagues.

Book your Super Tuesday tee time today!

Our crew works hard to keep our par 72 golf course in ideal playing conditions throughout the season. Chef Saunders and our kitchen staff create a variety of daily and weekly specials. Super Tuesday gives you the perfect opportunity to maximize your downtime without having to stress about it.

If you have any questions, please call Hales Mills at 518-736-4622, email us at info@halesmillscountryclub.com, or visit our website www.halesmillscountryclub.com.

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